So, you have guessed the numbers and are eligible for the EuroJackpot prize. Now, you have the critical task of ensuring you get your money!

As is necessary today, security measures and verification processes are part of claiming EuroJackpot prize money. But let us simplify it for you. Below, you’ll find detailed information on all the relevant topics for this task, whether you’ve played online with lottery agents or bought a ticket in a store.

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What are EuroJackpot prizes?

Interestingly, EuroJackpot differs from many other popular lotteries in the prize amounts for each level. Instead of set amounts, the prizes for all levels depend on the size of the prize pool for the draw. Is. With two drawings per week and a constant jackpot, the size of the big prize can increase rapidly.

What Are the EuroJackpot Prizes?

Here is a summary for clarity on how much you are entitled to claim when playing EuroJackpot.

Each tier is allocated a percentage of the prize pool. All winners in that category will split the money given to a particular tier.

Category Normal numbers matched Euro numbers matched % of prize pool Average prize
Jackpot 5 2 36% €39,152,403
2 5 1 8.6% €905,815.54
3 5 0 4.85% €179,769.26
4 4 2 0.8% €5,224.72
5 4 1 1% €316.38
6 3 2 1.1% €158.86
7 4 0 0.8% €112.61
8 2 2 2.55% €25.81
9 3 1 2.85% €19.86
10 3 0 5.4% €17.37
11 1 2 6.75% €12.79
12 2 1 20.3% €9.79

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General steps to claim a Eurojackpot prize

So, with EuroJackpot, you won’t immediately know how much you’ve won, but you watch these details shortly after each draw. You can check EuroJackpot lottery results on our website, the EuroJackpot platform, or lottery sites that showcase lottery information from around the world.

Here are some steps to get your money and make it easy.

Step 1: Double-check your ticket.

Do check the details of your ticket before submitting your claim. First, ensure you have the correct results so you don’t waste time filing a claim – and then feeling embarrassed – just because you were too hasty. Also, get your money because you didn’t realize you guessed the lottery numbers correctly! Check carefully after each draw.

Also, it is better to have a signed ticket for EuroMillions tickets you purchased in a store. This can prove that you are the owner, so someone else won’t claim your prize if they find your ticket before you claim your winnings.

Step 2: Claim your prize

This is one lottery where registered organizers have implemented an online system, unlike many US lotteries that have systems that only serve physical tickets. The online system means players can automatically receive smaller amounts in their accounts.

However, the countries participating in Eurojackpot have different organizers and systems. So, your payment will depend on country-specific rules. (see below for details).

If the country has an automated online payment system, you are still responsible for ensuring transfers are made. Contact the organizers if this is different.

There are outlets, payment centers, and banks to visit for physical ticket holders. In some cases, you can also manage your claim by post. The exact Mode of Travel depends on the size of the prize and the country you are in. We will share a detailed list of these guidelines below.

The option of claiming on your lottery website or from a lottery agent is also available. When using reputable platforms such as theLotter to play EuroJackpot, you can rest assured that wins for smaller amounts are automatically assigned to your account.

Again, be vigilant and make sure it is paid. Sometimes, it may take a few days, and you may need to travel to receive it in person for more significant amounts.

Step 3: Verification Process

Be prepared to go through the verification process, especially if you are claiming a large prize. Possible scenarios, depending on how you played the lottery:

Verification may occur in-store, or you may need to send your ticket to lottery operator officials for validation. You may need to complete a claim form and provide proof of valid bank details.

In the case of lottery sites that buy tickets on your behalf, you will have a copy of the ticket, but your lottery site provider may use the original to claim the money on your behalf. Only for larger prizes, such as jackpots, is it often necessary for the ticket purchaser to travel and claim the money in person.

Lottery agents may also need to verify your bank details to make payments when you request them.
These steps can cause a delay before you receive your money, so it’s essential to remain patient and manage your expectations.

Step 4: Get your prize

Finally, you can receive your prize! Make sure the money has been transferred to the correct bank account…..

Now you can celebrate!

Step 5: Get professional advice

With no experience managing large sums of money, many lottery winners spend it and are left with nothing for months or even weeks. Rather, ask professionals to help you make the most of your win:

  • Ask a financial advisor about investing and budgeting.
  • Talk to bankers to get the best interest rate on the money in your account.
  • Consult a tax expert to help you pay as little tax as possible on your winnings.

Step 6: Make a plan for spending the money

While you have plenty of reasons to be excited if you’ve received a huge amount of money, it’s wise not to tell all of your friends and family. Many of them will start asking you for financial help and loans, which can affect your relationships with each other. You need to follow the advice of financial experts so that you don’t regret your choice.

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Important tips

Instead of just spending money left and right, visualize what the following tips can help you achieve in the long run:

Pay off debt: if you pay off what you owe to the bank or others, you’ll pay much less interest and enjoy greater financial freedom.

Don’t quit your job: continue your lifestyle, only with the benefit of fewer financial worries. Having a day job will keep you grounded, so you can enjoy a better lifestyle without living too extravagantly or wasting money.

Give money wisely: Give money to other people only if it won’t affect your long-term financial goals. Also, remember that there could be tax implications if you give money to others, so discuss this with a professional beforehand to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements with friends and family.

Have an emergency fund: you never know what will happen, so save money for unforeseen circumstances. You may need money for medical expenses at some point, and your lottery winnings can give you confidence that you are prepared for any scenario.

Eurojackpot prize rules – country summary

Eurojackpot Prize Claiming Procedures by Country

Eurojackpot, involving 18 countries, has diverse rules for claiming prizes based on where the ticket was bought and whether it was purchased online or in-store. Here’s a summary of how to claim prizes in different countries:

1. Germany:
– Online: Rules vary by state; some states offer automatic account payments, while larger prizes require a manual claim.
– In-Store: Smaller prizes can be claimed at retailers, larger ones via bank transfer, potentially needing a claims form or a visit to LOTTO Hamburg HQ.

2. Croatia (Hrvatska Lutrija):
– Online: Up to HRK 1,000,000 is automatically paid; above that, claim at the Zagreb office.
– In-Store: Prizes up to HRK 29,999 claimed at the purchasing store; HRK 30,000 – 1,000,000 at regional centers or Zagreb; above HRK 1,000,000 at the Zagreb office.

3. Czech Republic (Sazka):
– Online: Up to CZK 500,000 claimed at outlets or via bank transfer; above this, contact the Sazka center.
– In-Store: Up to CZK 100,000 at retail outlets; CZK 100,000 – 270,000 at payment centers; above CZK 270,000, contact the Sazka center.

4. Denmark (Danske Spil):
– Online: Up to Kr 1.5 million paid to account; above that, contact Danske Spil.
– In-Store: Up to Kr 10,000 at stores or Danske Spil banks; Kr 10,000 – 1.5 million at Danske Spil banks; above Kr 1.5 million, claim from Danske Spil directly.

5. Estonia (Eesti Loto):
– Online: Up to €2,000 paid to account; above that, complete a claim form.
– In-Store: Up to €650 at stores; €651 – 2,000 at post offices; above €2,000, visit the lottery office with a completed claim form.

6. Finland (Veikkaus): Online winnings paid to account; in-store, claim up to €1,000 at retail stores, €1,001 – 10,000 at banks, and above €10,000 at Veikkaus HQ.

7. Hungary (Szerencsejatek Zrt): Online winnings paid to account or contact officials for larger prizes; in-store, claim smaller amounts at retail stores and larger ones from lottery officials.

8. Iceland (Islenska Getrauna):
– Online: Up to kr 100,000 automatic payment, above that after payment request.
– In-Store: Up to kr 25,000 at retail outlets; above that, after contacting lottery officials.

9. Italy (Sisal):
– Online: Up to €5,200 automatic payment; above that, claim at Rome/Milan offices.
– In-Store: Up to €52,000 at outlets; above that, claim at Rome/Milan offices.

10. Latvia (Latvijas Loto):
– Online: Up to €8,000 automatic payment; above that, claim at Riga office.
– In-Store: Up to €720 at stores; above that, claim at Riga office.

11. Lithuania (Perlas):
– Online: Up to €1,000 automatic payment; above that, bank transfer.
– In-Store: Up to €145 at stores; €146 – 1,000 at lottery office; above €1,000, claim at Vilnius office.

12. The Netherlands (Nederlandse Loterij):
– Online: Up to €5,000 automatic or bank transfer; above that, contact officials.
– In-Store: Up to €449 at stores; €450 – 5,000 via mailed ticket and ID; above €5,001, contact officials.

13. Norway (Norsk Tipping): Both online and in-store, up to €10,000 automatic payment; above that, bank transfer.

14. Poland (Totalizator Sportowy): In-store, claim up to 2,280 zl at outlets; above that, at operator offices.

15. Slovakia (Tipos):
– Online: Up to €15,000 payment to account or bank transfer; above that, visit headquarters.
– In-Store: Up to €3,500 at stores or post offices

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How to claim your Eurojackpot prize on online lottery sites

Another way to enter the EuroJackpot draw is through online lottery sites and agents. Options include:

Have a lottery site buy an actual EuroJackpot Ticket on your behalf, and they will claim the winnings for you. You may have to wait until they receive the money from EuroJackpot before it is transferred to your account. For a jackpot win, they may arrange for you to travel to a European country to claim the prize in person.

When a lottery agent allows you to bet on the outcome of a lottery, such as EuroJackpot, they are responsible for paying out the prize.

Some payments can happen instantly when you win and are reflected on your user account. However, it may take a few days to reflect when you request a payout to your bank account.

How much time do you have to claim a Eurojackpot prize?

The claim period varies depending on the country you are playing in and the online lottery site’s policies. Here’s a summary of how long tickets are valid in European countries:

Country Claim Period
Croatia 60 days
Czech Republic 35 days
Denmark Usually 3 years, but 90 days for smaller prizes
Estonia 90 days
Finland 1 year
Germany 3 years
Hungary 180 days
Iceland 1 year
  • 30 – 90 days for smaller prizes
  • 3 years for prizes over €10 million
Latvia 30 days
Lithuania 60 days
The Netherlands 1 year
Norway 3 months
Poland 60 days
Slovakia 35 days
Slovenia 90 days
Spain 30 days
Sweden 3 months

Will you pay tax on a Eurojackpot prize?

Whether or not you pay tax on EuroJackpot prizes depends on where you play the game from. Also, your location and your country’s tax laws will affect the amount of tax you will pay.

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Countries that do not tax EuroJackpot winnings

For the countries participating in EuroJackpot, luckily, you won’t pay tax in these:

  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Slovakia
  • Sweden

Countries that tax Eurojackpot winnings:

Here’s a table for clarity on how the tax will apply in other countries:

Country Tax information
Croatia 10% – 30% tax, depending on your prize amount
Hungary Personal income tax on certain tiers
Italy 20% tax if you win over €500
The Netherlands 29% tax if you win over €449
Poland 10% tax if you win over 2280 zl
Slovenia 15% tax if you win over €300
Spain 20% tax if you win over €40,000
International players Local tax laws may apply – consult with a local tax expert


Winning a Eurojackpot prize is only half the way to enjoying your money. Be smart by claiming; you don’t wait longer than necessary or miss out entirely by not acting within your country’s or supplier’s claim period.

Use this information to speed up the claims process; soon, you can enjoy your money. Just remember our tips on how to spend your money wisely, too!

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The EuroJackpot prize is typically awarded to the ticket's purchaser. However, if there's verifiable evidence that the ticket was genuinely gifted, the recipient may be recognized as the ticket's owner.

For tickets bought at physical locations, prizes must be claimed in the same country where the ticket was purchased. Claims can be made globally for online purchases or betting on draw outcomes, with winnings paid into your account. Larger prizes may require traveling to Europe for in-person collection.

Non-Europeans can win Eurojackpot if they buy a ticket within a participating European country. Tax implications should be considered when transferring winnings abroad. Using lottery agents, non-European residents can legally own a ticket, but claiming substantial wins might necessitate travel.

In Eurojackpot, winning a prize is possible with as few as three correct numbers. This could be three main numbers, two main numbers and one Euro number, or one main number and two Euro numbers.

While Eurojackpot and Euromillions are popular European lotteries, they differ in some aspects. Euromillions generally start with a more enormous minimum jackpot. Both lotteries have similar play formats and host two weekly draws on Tuesdays and Fridays. Results for Euromillions can be checked on dedicated results pages.

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