The Eurojackpot lottery, known for offering some of the largest jackpots in Europe, has a history of spectacular wins. Let’s look at some examples of the biggest wins in the history of this game, taking into account the winners, their countries of origin, the amounts won, and the dates of these remarkable events.

Selected Examples of Record Eurojackpot Winnings

  • 90 Million Euros – Germany, May 2015: The first maximum Eurojackpot win was in Germany. The lucky winner claimed the entire €90 million jackpot, setting a record in the lottery’s history.
  • €90 million – Czech Republic, May 2015: In the same month as the record win in Germany, another €90 million went to a player from the Czech Republic. This was unique because it was the first time that the maximum jackpot was won twice in one month.
  • 90 Million Euros – Finland, April 2018: Another lucky winner from Finland claimed the full €90 million jackpot in April 2018. Finland often appears on the list of countries with the biggest Eurojackpot winnings.
  • €90 million – Germany, February 2020: A German player hit the maximum jackpot again in February 2020, confirming the popularity of Eurojackpot in Germany.
  • €90 million – Poland, May 2021: In May 2021, for the first time in history, the record win went to a player from Poland. This win had a huge impact on the popularity of Eurojackpot in Poland.

There are also many smaller wins…

Syndicate Winnings in Eurojackpot: Examples, Dates and Amounts

Syndicates in Eurojackpot, grouping people who play together, have witnessed spectacular wins on several occasions. These collective successes testify to the game’s exciting nature and show how cooperation can increase the chances of big wins. Let’s look at some specific examples.

Significant Winnings of Syndicates

  • Syndicate from Finland – 92 million euros, August 2018:
    – In August 2018, a syndicate from Finland won an impressive €92 million. The group consisted of dozens of people who decided to invest together in Eurojackpot tickets. The winnings were divided among all participants, giving everyone a significant financial boost.
  • Syndicate of Employees from Germany – €90 million, March 2019:
    – In March 2019, a group of employees from Germany, acting as a syndicate, hit the Eurojackpot jackpot jackpot of €90 million. Effectively working together and sharing the cost of buying tickets, they proved that team play can lead to amazing results.
  • Syndicate from Italy – €61 million, July 2020:
    – In July 2020, an Italian syndicate that focused on regularly buying lottery tickets succeeded in winning 61 million euros. This win represented a significant life change for each member of the syndicate.

Key Aspects of the Syndicate Game

  • Syndicate Management: Effective management, clear rules for the distribution of winnings, and financial transparency are key to the success of a syndicate.
  • Shared Play, Shared Win: Syndicates demonstrate that playing together can increase the chances of winning, strengthen the community, and build relationships among participants.
  • Fate Purchase Strategy: Syndicates often use strategies that involve buying more tickets, which mathematically increases the chances of winning.

Syndicate wins in the Eurojackpot show that playing together can be fun and extremely profitable. Stories such as those from Finland, Germany, and Italy inspire people to form their own groups and try their luck in this European lottery. However, it is important to remember to play responsibly and clearly establish rules within the syndicate.


  • Diversity of Winners: Record-breaking wins in Eurojackpot are not limited to one country, demonstrating the international nature of this lottery.
  • Life-Changing Amounts: Winnings of €90 million have the potential to completely change the lives of lucky winners, offering them financial independence.
  • Responsible Gaming: It is important to remember that while lotteries offer the opportunity to win large sums of money, they are a form of entertainment and should be handled responsibly.

Eurojackpot continues to attract players from all over Europe, offering them the chance to win winnings that can change their lives. These record winnings are proof that dreams of winning big can become reality.


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